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Sanitizing, Groceries. Retail. Office.

At Sanitizit, we use an eco friendly sanitizer created to help retailers and business owners address rising germ awareness professionally and efficiently. (Patent Pending)

Build confidence with your employees and customers as we move forward, together!

Sanitizit System

Our Sanitizit System addresses the need to fully disinfect high touch fundamental resources such as grocery carts or wheelchairs.

We are Raising the Standard and Simplifying the Process

Save time and money as you gain the versatility to disinfect one, or multiple carts at a time.

Reduce fear and build confidence with your employees and let them know you understand and take the threat of germs and viruses seriously.

Easy Set Up
Inside, outside or both. No water line, floor drain, or specialty power outlet required.
Simple to Use
Spray the quick-drying mist over a single or multiple carts without making a mess.
Safe & Protected
Sanitized carts will reduce fear and help your customers and employees feel safe.


Sanitizit was born from a fatherly desire to protect as our founder saw his wife trying to wipe down her grocery cart while also juggling their twin daughters. That moment became the epiphany.....there had to be a better way!

Sanitizit holds firm to our commitment to protect you and simplify your daily routines in grocery stores, workplaces, and medical facilities. We look forward to moving forward, together!

We are Sanitizit. Moving forward, together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the SanitizIt Solution safe?
Yes. It’s is safe for the environment, for your skin, and is 100% safe to use in both retail and food preparation environments.
What do you mean by Eco-Friendly?
Our sanitizer is made using eco-conscious manufacturing processes and product components.
How quickly does the SanitizIt Solution work?
Our solution works on contact and is applied in a quick-drying mist that doesn’t leave a mess or residue.
Where do the materials for the SanitizIt systems come from?
The United States of America!

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We can't go back, we must go forward, together.

The threat of deadly pandemic viruses has changed the way businesses connect with consumers and engage in commerce. When you put your customer's and employee's health and safety first, you build loyalty, trust, and your business grows.